by Andrew K. Arnett

On Thursday, The New York Times published an article which gives us a glimpse of what to expect in the upcoming government report on the situation regarding aerial phenomenon witnessed by Navy pilots, concluding that American intelligence officials have found no evidence that those fabulous flying machines are alien spacecraft, but also could not rule out that they aren’t. What the report says for sure is that the majority of 120 incidents observed by Navy pilots over the past two decades did not come from U.S. military or any of the government’s Secret Programs.

Of course, the government must say something, if not for the Navy sightings, then for the mounting evidence coming from civilian sources alone, with their camera phones and drones snapping pictures of every damn thing.

Keeping the door ajar for the possibility of extraterrestrial life is one thing, but to admit outright that said UAP/UFOs are in fact of alien origin is another thing all together. That would require another level of commitment, not to mention a whole lot of alien ‘splaining to do. The people would demand answers to things like Roswell, Area 51, Dulce, etc. How much did we know and for how long? Messy business, like human abductions and cattle mutilations, will need to be addressed.

It would be a PR nightmare of cosmic proportions. It would reveal a certain degree of government ineptitude, not to mention outright failure. The citizenry will get nervous and maybe even panic, in a War of the Worlds scenario.

The Feds don’t have time for that. Biden’s already got his hands’ full with the COVID problem. He feels he’s just beginning to get a grip on that. People are finally getting out of their houses, go down to the local restaurant for a bite to eat with friends. Maybe even, venture into a movie theatre afterwards. Sure, these are baby steps, but it is progress. Biden’s ratings are at an all time high. He doesn’t need some stinking aliens stirring up the pot. There‘s still too much on the plate. The problem at the border is ongoing and illegal aliens is a hot button topic. How much more so if said aliens are dropping down from the sky. Does Biden have answers for that?

Just imagine what a three ring circus the White House Press Conference would be the day after the Alien Revelation? What will Biden say to calm a crazed public who’ve just had their world paradigm ripped from them? How can he ensure public safety? He might feel the need to admit to the long standing deal between the U.S. government and the Gray aliens, wherein the Grays provide us with advanced technology in exchange for a human abduction or two now and then, for the purpose of scientific research.

Sure it will be a shock, especially for a species who’ve considered themselves at the top of the food chain since the dinosaurs went extinct. It’s a tough pill to swallow realizing that you are in fact the cattle, owned by a race of bald three foot tall aliens with bulging eyes and shriveling genitals.

No surprise then that the government, like countless times before, play the safe card and say, in effect, nothing at all. Nothing at least, that one can really sink one’s teeth into. Nothing you can pin down or, God forbid, hold someone accountable for. However, what they have admitted to, may just be enough, a tip of the hat if you will.

They have accepted the phenomena’s uncanny ability to accelerate, change direction and submerge, and concede that it could originate from a rival like China or Russia.

Let’s put it this way, it doesn’t really matter wether the tech was built by the Russians, the Chinese or the aliens. What counts is that it is there. What this implies is very simple yet profound – if we can travel at such great rates of speed and dexterity into space, then extraterrestrials can use the same to visit us. Of course, our hubris will insulate us from admitting such a thing possible.

As for our rivals, it turns out that China and Russia have both invested heavily in hypersonic technology, in attempts to counter American missile-defense systems. This would imply that they, or someone, is way ahead of us in that department. Having said that, it may be that these foreign governments are in the same boat as we are. Just this week, the South China Morning Post reported that the People’s Republic of China has created its own UFO task force, in response to being “overwhelmed in recent years by rapidly mounting sighting reports from a wide range of military and civilian sources.”

The Chinese, of course, have their own lingo, referring to the UAPs as “unidentified air conditions,” as well as putting their AI on the job. According to Chen Li of the PLA’s Air Force Early Warning Academy, “One advantage of AI is that it can ‘think outside the box’ – checking crumbs of information scattered across many datasets created at different times and locations, and drawing links unseen by human eyes – to help determine whether sightings were caused by a hostile country, amateur aviation enthusiasts, nature, or ‘other reasons.’”

We all want disclosure, sure. But can everyone handle the truth, as they say? Those in the UFO community would be doing cartwheels, but for the average Joe, it could be a different matter. Folks who’ve never given the possibility of alien life the first consideration may go into a funk, wonder about their place in the world or lose faith in society. Maybe they’d panic and go on an extended freak out. What would you do if you found out aliens were real?