by Andrew K. Arnett

Back on the mean streets of Brooklyn, Mount Misery seemed vague and dreamlike, a brief trespass into a liminal space. It should have been easy enough to put it all aside and carry on with the familiarity of everyday life. Except I couldn’t. Mount Misery gnawed at my curiosity like a caged rat on a wire fence.

Pardon the hackneyed metaphor, but you catch my drift. Mount Misery was, and is, all consuming.

We’d accumulated fistfuls of data stored on microSD cards but to what avail?

The idea from the beginning was to drag this ill-begotten gain back to the relative safety of our urban lair and analyze everything under a paranormal microscope. One of the instruments at our disposal was the highly touted Secret Cipher of the UFOnauts (NAEQ).

The Cipher, as it were, had recently gained popularity on paranormal Subreddits and television shows like Hellier, etc. The use of this Cipher, it is said, could assist one in receiving and deciphering messages from Ultra-Terrestrials. It appears that these inter-dimensional beings, as well as initiated persons, use code to communicate back and forth.

The origins of this Cipher go back to Aleister Crowley and even, much further back than that. Apparently, there are different iterations of the Cipher, throughout history. Crowley stumbled upon the most recent version, updated for those now living in the newly minted Aeon of Horus. The Cipher is encoded in Crowley’s Liber AL vel Legis (The Book of the Law), a central text concerning Crowley’s philosophy of Thelema.

Portrait of Lam (1918) by Aleister Crowley

Crowley has been cited as one of the first contactees of modern times, precisely due to the writing of this book. Written in Cairo in 1904, The Book of the Law was supposedly transmitted to Crowley by a Preterhuman Intelligence named Aiwass via his medium wife/Scarlet Woman Rose Kelly.

A second incident occurred in New York in 1918, when Crowley made contact with an entity named Lam. This event produced the now famous Lam portrait which researchers have cited as the first modern depiction of a Gray alien.

These ultra-terrestrials are, for the most part, intangible in a physical sense yet can and often do impinge upon human reality and alter events to their bidding.

The English Language Cipher uses the 26 letters of the standard alphabet laid out on a grid pattern and plotted on a 26-pointed star built upon the number 11.

Though Crowley unveiled the Cipher in 1904, he in fact never truly decoded it. According to Greenfield, Crowley’s magical son Frater Achad solved more of the puzzle but the code wasn’t cracked until 1974 by Carol Smith then made accessible to the public by software developer Frater Lamed in 1980.

Allen Greenfield published the results in two books – Secret Cipher of the UFOnauts and Secret Rituals of the Men in Black, currently available in one volume by Paranoia Publishing.

I was willing to give the Cipher a whirl. It sounded kosher to me, if not a damnable act worthy of condemning my soul to an eternity in Purgatory.

I picked up my copy of The Complete Secret Cipher of the UFOnauts, opened to a random page and began reading. The chapter began by saying, “One thing I want this book to do is to demonstrate how, with a little effort and intuitive ability, YOU can decode the UFOnaut’s secret cipher and find your way to the heart of the UFO mystery . . . and hopefully back again in one piece.”

A couple more pages in and things began to get strange. On page 40, Greenfield writes:

“Madam Blavatsky’s first control in the parlance of 19th century mediumship was called “John King” – a control name as common in 19th century mediumship as “Orthon” or “Ashtar” have been in UFO contacteeism, mediumship’s 20th century counterpart. JOHN KING in the Cipher = 98. 98 = SCRIBE and also TONGUE, precisely the role “John King” played in Madam Blavatsky’s early career. In Liber AL (The Book of the Law), we also find that JOHN KING = 98 = IT IS I, a suggestion as to his nature, as well a both GOD SHALL DENY and I ADORE GOD, suggestive of the spiritual eclecticism of Blavatsky’s career.”

The Complete Secret Cipher of the UFOnauts

The operative word here, for me, was TONGUE. It immediately caught my attention because, looking back at my notes, I realized it was the first hit we got on the EVP back at Mount Misery. That was in the morning, back at the motel room, before we even set out to Mount Misery.

The idea, at the time, was to do a preliminary consultation with the EVP, to see if we could make any initial contact, wether for guidance, or a foreshadowing on what to expect.

After setting up the video camera, Sophie and I huddled around the M2 Ghost Hunter app and I asked the EVP, “If there are any spirits here, please identify yourselves, or give us some foreshadowing of what we might expect to find at Mount Misery Road.”

A minute passed in silence and then the EVP flashed the word TONGUE followed immediately by the word MEASURE.

“We just got two,” I said to Sophie. “I’m not sure what that means. I started talking and it said TONGUE. Now I’m using my tongue and it said MEASURE so maybe I should ‘measure my tongue,’ like I should just shut the hell up and listen.”

“Yeah,” Sophie said.

“Well that’s good advice, right there,” I said. “I do flab my tongue quite a bit.”

“Yeah,” Sophie said. “You do.”

After that initial hit, the device went silent for a couple of minutes. I decided to prompt it by asking, “So we’re looking for one ghost out there. Her name is Mary. She was allegedly an inmate at an insane asylum and she apparently burned the place down and died in there and haunts Mount Misery Road. Is there a Mary or somebody out there that goes by that name?”

Immediately after that, the EVP flashed the word DRESS, which spooked us out, because the ghost of Mary, “The Lady in White,” is known for wearing a white dress.

The first synchronicity here, as I was researching for this article, was to randomly open Greenfield’s book to the chapter that spoke of the word TONGUE. Then, to realize the significance of this word, in the context we are speaking of, that is, its correlation with the word SCRIBE and JOHN KING, a control name used by Madam Blavatsky referencing mediumship.

For good measure, I decided to look up the word MEASURE in the Cipher. This proved to be very interesting. MEASURE = 106, and also equates to the phrase I FLAP MY, a phrase I just realized, I used whilst conducting the EVP back at the motel room.

Two hits for the price of one. Or was that three? Or Four? As the heroine once said, “Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”