by Andrew K. Arnett

Sophie and I climbed the steep path towards the summit with our dog Shizzle leading the way. Shizzle was very energetic and alert. Something seemed to be compelling her forward. We could see Sweet Hollow Road through the trees down below. Stopping at a clearing near the top, we set up the cameras for our EVP session.

We had reached the highest elevation in all of Long Island, which included New York City to the west.

When you think of New York City, you first think of Manhattan. But New York City is made up of numerous islands. One borough is on the Island of Manhattan, another on Staten Island, and the Bronx is on the mainland. Queens and Brooklyn however are located on Long Island. The majority of New Yorkers, myself included, actually live on Long Island.

Unlike most of Long Island, Mount Misery proved to be unsuitable for farming, leaving it mostly uninhabited. However, the British Army used the area as their headquarters during the Revolutionary War. I would site that its elevation proved to be a strategic advantage.

Perhaps too, its height is a reason for why this area has been associated with UFO sightings, as is noted in The Mothman Prophecy, and dating back much further, to Native Americans who told of strange lights and fantastic creatures seen there.

“If there are spirits here,” I said, “please communicate to us. We’re here to report on this location. We are reporting on paranormal activity. Researching folk lore in and around Mount Misery.”

Sophie and author at Mount Misery (2020). Photo by Andrew Arnett

A minute passed and then the word HALLWAY appeared on the Ghost Hunter M2 app.

“Could that refer to the hallway of the insane asylum that burned down?” Sophie asked.

Immediately after that, the word LONLEY popped up.

“Is the spirit communicating with us lonely?” I inquired.

A short time later, the word COLLECT appeared.

“If you’re communicating to us,” I said, “what would you like us to collect?”

Just then, a few people riding four wheeled all terrain vehicles rolled by.

“It’s only fair,” I said. “We use our EVPs to get around and they use their ATVs.”

“That’s pretty funny,” Sophie said.

“Thank you.”

Then the word PRETTY popped up on the app.

“Are you pretty or are you complementing us as paranormal investigators?” I asked.

“I think they are complementing our Shizzle,” Sophie said.

“I’ve been accused of being pretty,” I said. “Pretty dumb. Pretty foolish. Pretty gullible.”

The area was pretty. The sunshine was nice. Because of the time of year, the sun would be setting soon. I didn’t want to be caught up here after dark, but we’ll probably end up here after dark to continue our investigation. I’m not looking forward to it.

A few minutes passed and nothing appeared on the M2.

“This thing is slow,” Sophie commented.

“It can only pick up on what is there,” I offered.

Then the word GROUP appeared.

Earlier I was speaking about the Native Americans and how the Matinecock tribe once owned this land. Perhaps the word GROUP represents a tribal group. Often times it comes back to that – sacred ground, forbidden land.

“Tell us about this group,” I asked the spirits.

Immediately, the word LABORER appeared.

“What could that mean?” I wondered aloud.

“The Indians did everything,” Sophie suggested. “They labored all day long. Some of them were responsible for making things. Some of them were responsible for getting food.”

About a minute later the word MOUSE appeared. Now what could that mean? That’s something I will have to run through the Cipher of the UFOnauts. Is the word MOUSE to be taken literally? Are there mouse running around Mount Misery?

“Maybe they meant to say HOUSE,” Sophie suggested. “It may be hard for spirits to affect these machines. It must take so much energy to communicate something so sometimes things are off a little.”

“Yeah maybe it is auto correct,” I said. “The spirits wanted to say HOUSE and the machine said MOUSE.”

Just then a hiker walked by. As he walked by I was sure I heard him say on his phone “You want to make sure you can get to my house.” I would have thought that it was a random coincidence but maybe the spirits, I said to Sophie, are trying to work on a synchronicity level.

Mount Misery is known for its hiking trails so it is not unusual to see people walking about. Walt Whitman, known for his famous Civil War era poetry, once walked these woods in search of inspiration. Things however, were getting strange.

Another minute passed and the word AMIGO popped up on the M2.

“That means friend,” Sophie said. “Maybe we’re friends. Maybe they come as friends.”

“Maybe they are good spirits that inhabit this place,” I said.

Mount Misery, L.I. (2020). Photo by Andrew Arnett

Was Mount Misery as bad as they say it was? Perhaps the Native Americans claimed it was cursed because it was in fact sacred. By warning the settlers that the area was haunted, they were in fact scaring them off.

I began to suspect that Mount Misery could be a positive vortex site, like those found in Sedona, Arizona. Indeed, I could feel it was a high energy location. The word AMIGO was certainly a positive sign.

The word INVESTIGATING popped up. ‘Investigating’ could be an announcement that this is what we are doing but it can also be an affirmation to keep investigating.

“You want us to look into this further?” I said. “You want us to explore the story behind this place?”

“My question is this,” I said. “If we are being communicated to by someone then perhaps you can identify yourself. Give us some kind of a clue so that we can use this to follow through in our investigation.”

Shizzle had been very calm up until this point but she began whining. We had about an hour before the sun dipped below the horizon. We decided to continue the exploration further along the path.

At a crossroads we found a few pine trees decked out in Christmas decorations. A couple of hikers walked by. I asked them if they had heard anything about the UFO sightings up on Mount Misery.

“No but on the 2020 story that would be the only thing off the Bingo card,” the man said. “Have there been UFOs?”

“Yeah, apparently there has been quite a bit of that up here,” I said.

“Is that what Trump was saying, that all the votes that went to Biden were taken by UFOs?” the hiker asked.

“I haven’t heard that,” I said, “He hasn’t played the UFO card yet.”

“Well he might if things don’t turn his way,” the hiker said as he walked away.

The light was dimming fast so we decided to call it a day. We made our way back to the parking area and were surprised to find that the car we parked next to was still there. We had been in the woods for a good two hours and yet the guy was still sitting hunched over in his vehicle like when we first saw him. If it was a cop, why was he there?