by Andrew Arnett

The National UFO Reporting Center [NUFORC] is located in Davenport, WA. The center has been a repository for witness accounts of UFO related phenomena since 1974 and, over the decades, has processed tens of thousands of reports on UFO sightings.

NUFORC works independently of all other UFO organizations and openly shares its information with the public. It interfaces with the FAA, National Weather Services offices, military, NASA and enforcement agencies.

Peter Davenport is the director of NUFORC, a position he’s held since 1994. He was a candidate for Washington State legislator in 1986 and candidate for U.S. House of Representatives in 1994. Davenport is a regular guest on Coast to Coast AM where he discusses the latest updates on the UFO front.

On the night of November 11, 1997, NUFORC’s phone lit up up with calls from eyewitnesses reporting strange lights in the skies over Washington. Three of these reports originate from Olympia, Washington. Olympia is the capitol of Washington, located 60 miles southwest of Seattle.

In the first report [File: S12956], the witness reports seeing, on the night of November 14, 1997, a “fireball object” over Puget Sound. He states:

I was in my living room with a window that faced north across lake Offut south of Olympia. The lights were on inside so the object was bright enough to be seen though the window of a fully lit house. The object traveled from west to east at a somewhat downward angle. It appeared to be at a great distance as the object moved slowly accross the sky. I was able to go to a second room with windows facing the same direction and wake up my roomate who was sleeping so that she could see the same thing. She verified the sighting. It was a fireball with trailing debris, moving slowly, orange in color. KIRO News reported that evening that it had been a Russian space craft that was being tracked by Norad and re-entered north of Vancouver BC. Later that evening I noticed a lot of air traffic in that direction, but a military base was close by.

The witness confirms the “orange” color of the objects, as noted in the KIRO News report. However, this witness account contradicts the government’s assertion that the lights travelled from east to west, landing “safely into the Pacific Ocean.” If what the witness saw was in fact correct, then the orange fireballs would have travelled inland, landing somewhere over the Cascade Mountain range in eastern Washington.

The witness reported “a lot of air traffic in that direction, but a military base was close by.” This is an important detail to note as the Fairchild Air Force Base is located twelve miles southwest of Spokane. Indeed, Washington State, due to its strategic location and  geography, is host to a plethora of very important military bases, including Naval Base Kitsap in Bremerton, the Navy’s largest fueling depot and also a nuclear submarine shipyard.

Could the government’s disinformation regarding the direction of the trajectory of the orbs stem from the need to hide some top secret project that is being worked on at one of these bases? That is to assume that the orbs are terrestrial and man made. If, however, they are extraterrestrial in origin, then the need to cover up the truth is equally substantial.

Washington State is home to not only a prodigious amount of military bases, but also the Boeing Company’s Everett Factory (inside the world’s largest building), as well as being a technological hub (Microsoft, Amazon, etc.). Could these factors help explain the sightings of orange orbs in the area?

NUFORC reports originating from Olympia, WA (circled) on 11/14/97, all confirm light formation moving west to east (direction of arrow). Image © Andrew Arnett

In the second report [S02879], the witness claims to have seen, on the night of November 14, 1997, a “cluster of lights moving from west to east.” The report states:

I was driving on a well-trafficked road in Olympia (Division St.) I believe this road runs North-South (I would have been driving North), although I could be wrong. I noticed a cluster of lights in the sky, all of varying size, and all larger than stars. There were more than five and less than a dozen, but I’m unsure of the exact count. If I was in fact driving north, then the lights would have been moving from West to East. I was not the only one on the road at the time, and I know other drivers witnessed the event as well, because many were slowing down and craning their necks. I also noticed some pedestrians pointing toward the sky in the direction of the lights. I watched the lights for 10 to 15 seconds before they arced toward the ground as if they were falling, and disappeared behind some trees. All the lights appeared to be moving at the same speed and in the same direction. I am unsure of their color, although my initial guess would be white. Also, my first thought was that the lights were not aircraft lights, as in lightbulbs or some other electrically produced lights, but were instead produced by flames or heat (which is why I compared them to shooting stars rather than planes).

The witness’ account of lights moving “west to east” again contradicts the government’s claim to the contrary. In addition, the description of “more than five and less than a dozen, but I’m unsure of the exact count,” closely aligns with what I myself saw on that evening of 11/14/97.

In the third report [S02874], the witness claims to see a formation which “looked kind of like a child’s sparkler used on the 4th of July.” The report states:

We drove up to my house and looked to the North. At about a 45 degree angle we observed a flight of ???? moving from left to right in a formation. Upon entering my driveway I observed some objects moving across the northern sky from left to right at about a 45 degree angle. They appeared to be in formation. Some of them were trailing sparks…looked kind of like a child’s sparkler used on the 4th of July. There must of been 6 to 10 objects. I live East of Olympia and South of Lacey in the country. It was very clear. We turned off the engines to the vehicles and could not hear the objects.

The “child’s sparkler” description of the light formation differs from what I had witnessed. I didn’t see anything emanating from the orbs from where I was standing. In fact, it helps to corroborate the official claim of “space junk.” However, here we have again a witness seeing the lights moving west to east or, “left to right,” whilst facing north. In fact, all three of these NUFORC reports originating out of Olympia contradict what the government and main stream media stated.

One has to wonder – if the lights in the sky were nothing more than “space junk,” why would the authorities feel the need to disinform the public of where the debris landed?